Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ode to the World's ABSOLUTE Best grandma.

Happy 85th Birthday to the world's 
ABSOLUTE best grandma! 

I am truly blessed to have her in my life! She is one of the strongest people I have ever known, absolutely hilarious in so many different ways, sweet, gentle, full of life, she is indubitably the best of the best :)

few reasons why I love her...
  • I could spend hours sitting and talking to her about thousands of different stories half in english and half in spanish :)
  • Getting her to say "sheets" with my sisters (think about it ;)spanish is her first language!
  • Watching her with her great grandkids.
  • Watching Ay María qué puntería! and laughing because of her uncontrollable laugh. 
  • Begging her to play with my hair because she does it better than anyone! 
  • Making me laugh even when I don't want to.
  • Giving me her ear when I need to vent
  • Telling me I'm her favorite grand-daughter to make me feel special even though were all her favorite :) 
  • Always there for me no matter what.

Thank you Abuelita for always being there for me when I need a good laugh, a shoulder, an ear, a smile just to brighten up my day or an encouraging word. Words can't express how much I love you or how much you mean the world to me! You are my best friend and I'm incredibly blessed to call you my Abuelita!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{ Why I became a photographer }

it’s a question i get asked a lot. it’s a question i’ve always lightly touched on but never really gave much depth to. i'd like to think its because i'm my mother's daughter. she has always be super creative, one that rubbed her talent on everything she touched; including me and my three sisters. photography/art has always be in our lives since I can remember. it's what we did, well that and sports [we are a huge basketball family, but that's besides the point =] 

i can give you the easy answer. i love color. i love the challenge. i love how when you get the perfect light, subject, composition, and moment, all at the same split second, magic appears right in front of your eyes. i can go on and on about these things. i can talk about how i love feeling invisible, yet important behind a lens. 

but i would have to say that my mom is the main reason behind why i became a photographer. her creativeness and drive for art pushed me to want to have that same drive and passion she always showed. now i like to think that photography and being creative is also a genetic trait, but everyone is untitled to their own opinions. 

there has been certain experiences in my life that lead me to become a photographer. when i was in sixth grade our entire class took a trip to yosemite national park for a week. and this may sound silly but during that whole trip i took hundreds of pictures [using a kodak disposable camera] of course. but there was one picture while we were hiking up to this amazing waterfall that i just snapped that always gave me hope as a child that i would one day say that i am a photographer. still till this day i look at that picture and know that i have always wanted to be a photographer and not just a career i chose. i think it chose me. 

you get the question, "what do you want to do" career wise during high school a lot. and some know, some think they know, and then there's me who dreamed about being a photographer. now i think during that stage in my life that you couldn't say a photographer because it wasn't a prestigious job. so i didn't say that. i said something in business, maybe a marketing coordinator because i love the art/graphics in the job. so that's what i set out to do. well that didn't last long. my first year of college i took business classes and ya i liked them, but i much rather do the art/graphic/photography for a company. and so that's what i did. 

There has been many who pushed and helped me make my dream come true of becoming a photographer. i had taken photography classes and plenty of graphic design classes to be successful, but still doubted myself. i didn't know i could do it, be a professional photographer. I moved to provo, ut and what more of a perfect place to start shooting. poor college students looking for good photos and at a low price. so i said what do i have to lose and jumped right in.  

there is a reason everyone does what they do. we all have different backgrounds, experiences, relationships, challenges, strengths and weaknesses, dreams, expectations, and goals that when combined make up this one unique person (me) that is different from everybody else. i will never be the same as any other photographer that exists. this is a good thing (though sometimes i wishing i could be jose villa or ansel adams). this is the very thing that sets me apart from others, and makes me the perfect fit for a certain client that connects with what i have to offer.

So true.

Another great party!

Another, amazing birthday party! Me, Lyndsey and Jess deiced to throw Shell Bell a party! And let me just tell you it was a blast! I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends up in Provo and we couldn't be happier. Shelly has been such a great friend to me and I was so glad that I could help throw her and great party! 

 Piñata I made! Super easy to make. Sadly, it was raining so we couldn't break it open.

Birthday cake. It was too good...recipe 

Best Spinach Dip ever! 

Jess made these and they were AMAZING! 

I thought it would be so much fun to make a photo-booth with props and take pictures! It was a blast. =] So glad I did!

The Girls!

Thanks Branson! ha

Love it! 

H A P P Y   B I  R T H D A Y  S H E L L Y ! 
Love you girl =)

My boys - one


Aden {3} didn't like me taking pictures of him but his little brother Drake {1} loved it! =] I miss these little guys so much!
To see more pictures of these adorable boys.


I just had to put up all these of my adorable nephew DRAKE! Seriously, how precious of this guys?! I took so many of him yes I know but I couldn't resist. I would have taken more of Aden but he wouldn't let me haha. I love these boys to death! 



          My favorite! 







          my boys =]

Halloween Baby Shower

Now, I know you are all probably wondering why we were all in costumes for a baby shower in the month of august right?! =] Well, my sister decided since the baby's due date was so close to Halloween {10.21.11} that we would dress up as Nursery Rhythms/Fairy-tales. Honestly, it was a super cute idea and totally different and made it so much more fun!
 I kinda went above and beyond for her 3rd baby shower but she claims that it will be her 3rd & final boy, so I wanted it to be something special! =] I love you Bernice and I can't wait till you give me another nephew :]

her invites I made! 

The infamous Candice & Brandon =] 

Don't show mom, you're holding your belly haha

Okay seriously! How amazing do this cupcakes look. I wish I could say I made them but I didn't. Michelle, brandon's sister did...they were AMAZING! 


These look kinda gross but they were super good! 
Marshmallows with HOMEMADE carmel and crushed Oreos. YUM

<3 Best idea ever 
Baby apples, homemade carmel, nuts, real twigs= best favor ever =]

Straws = ]

Tree centerpieces

pom poms =]

<3 u 


got to love us! =] We were all trying to look pregnant ha

My mom has the best bashful face ever! Love you madre =]

<3 you ALL

Daddy & his girls

The cutest little guy EVER!